Case Study: Streamlining Mattress Delivery with Final Mile Direct Distribution

Final Mile Direct Distribution Case Study for Dallas-Based SHipper

Delivering large and bulky items like mattresses directly to customers' doorsteps can present challenges for businesses of any size. When it comes to a large volume shipper, the challenge can become even more daunting. This case study delves into how Dickerson Transportation Solutions' innovative service, Final Mile Direct Distribution, provided an exemplary solution for a leading mattress manufacturer in Dallas. Facing the complexities and high costs associated with traditional Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers, the manufacturer required a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain distribution strategy.

Challenge: A leading mattress manufacturer based in Dallas faced a logistical challenge. Each week, they needed to ship 100+ mattresses to various residential addresses across California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Traditionally, this process involved multiple LTL carriers, each adding significant accessorial fees for services like curbside delivery, liftgate trailers, indoor delivery, two-man teams, debris removal, and product setup. These fees not only escalated costs but also complicated the delivery process where traditional LTL drivers are often spread too thin to perform white glover delivery services.

Solution: Enter Final Mile Direct Distribution, the Nationwide LTL Accessorial Alternative. Our solution was to streamline their delivery process using our expansive network. Instead of relying on multiple LTL carriers, we proposed a single, efficient linehaul solution.

Process: We began by consolidating weekly shipments of mattresses into full truckload shipping moves from Dallas to our strategically located distribution center in Los Angeles. This move significantly reduced the initial transportation complexity and costs. Upon arrival at our Los Angeles center, each mattress was seamlessly transferred to our network of final mile delivery teams.

Final Mile Direct Distribution Case Study Involving FTL Consolidation

Execution: Our final mile teams, specialists in residential deliveries, took over from there. They efficiently distributed the mattresses to the final residential delivery addresses across the four states. Our teams are adept at handling large and bulky items, ensuring that each mattress reached its destination safely and on time.

Outcome: The manufacturer saw immediate benefits. The streamlined process eliminated the need for managing multiple LTL carriers and the associated accessorial fees. By leveraging our Final Mile Direct Distribution network, the overall delivery costs were significantly reduced, and the process became more efficient and reliable.

Rather than juggling multiple providers with various service offerings, the DTS solution provides a blanket experience from shipment management to execution, tracking, and reporting. Most importantly, their customers received their mattresses with a level of service that matched the quality of the product.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies how Final Mile Direct Distribution can transform the residential delivery experience — and essentially any other form of final mile delivery that is not a great fit for traditional LTL delivery (job sites, hospitals, office buildings, etc). By connecting your dock directly to your customer's doorstep, we not only simplify logistics but also ensure cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. With us, you're not just shipping goods; you're partnering in a delivery service that brings excellence directly to where it matters most.

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