Last Mile Delivery Network: Sometimes More Options Are Better!

Whether you’re a small online startup or a large retailer, final mile delivery is important to your business. The price, delivery capabilities, shipment visibility and customer experience are critical to this stage of the supply chain. However, picking a service provider that can deliver on each factor can be difficult.

This challenge is particularly true with large and bulky products. These deliveries can’t be shipped by standard parcel services. Growing demand has encouraged many large freight carriers to jump into the final mile race.

It can be enticing to hand off all of your freight needs to a single service provider. They can handle your full load, LTL and white glove delivery service needs all in one place. Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true, it might be just that.

What’s The Value In A Last Mile Delivery Network?

A last mile delivery network is similar to using a third-party logistics service for your LTL needs. Instead of narrowing your carrier options down, a last mile delivery network provides access to multiple service providers.

1) Better Pricing

Because a last mile delivery network utilizes multiple final mile and white glove specialists, shippers can compare more pricing options. Locking into an agreement with one service provider limits the shipper’s ability to shop around.

2) More Delivery Options

A strong last mile delivery network gives shippers access to a variety of service providers. Final mile delivery services can vary by provider. Some will specialize in only curbside and threshold delivery, while others will offer room of choice. Many will also perform extra white glove delivery services, including light assembly and debris removal.

Furthermore, they have greater access to two man delivery teams which is often essential for residential delivery services. Limiting delivery services to one service provider, however, narrows down the ability to provide customized delivery.

3) Increased Capacity

In this day and age, capacity is the biggest challenge for shippers. Because a last mile delivery network acts as a 3PL solution, shippers can count on multiple service providers. If one service provider is unable to make a delivery, the shipper can quickly book a delivery with another. Locking into an agreement with, or simply depending upon one large carrier, can lead to increased delays and missed deliveries.

4) Better Overall Market Performance

Finally, a last mile delivery network can improve your delivery performance across multiple markets. A service provider’s performance may not be equal throughout their coverage area.

This tends to be a key hurdle for many companies in urban markets. Delivery routes can take considerably more time in cities than in rural areas. Using a last mile delivery network can help shippers provide a higher standard of reliable service in multiple markets.

Where one service provider may excel in Atlanta at white glove furniture delivery, they might not be as dependable in Jacksonville. A strong last mile delivery network, however, can provide shippers access to the best qualified service providers in each market. Sometimes, having more options available can be the best trick a shipper has up their sleeve!

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