Final Mile Delivery Perfection Equates To Brand Loyalty

Everyone is shopping online today—husband, wife, mom, dad, and even grandma and grandpa. As consumer behavior shifts from brick-and-mortar locations to the web, the types of products everyone is purchasing online is also evolving. As a result of the shift from parcel-centric shopping to appliances and large products grows, final mile delivery services are quickly becoming the most crucial aspect of today’s supply chain.

The Delivery Experience Matters

Comparing prices and pushing the “buy” button on a retailer’s website is easy enough for the customer. Waiting for and interacting with a delivery man or woman, however, is not always as simple as it should be. Delays, missed appointments, bad carrier customer service or a failure to accommodate white glove delivery requests can quickly lead to a bad experience.

A recent survey of more than 1,500 shoppers by logistics technology provider Convey, Inc. found that 84 percent of consumers are unlikely to buy again from a retailer due to a bad delivery experience. With all of the effort it goes into building, marketing and operating a business, it only takes one bad delivery to leave a lasting impression.

Unfortunately, that bad delivery can have more consequences than losing just one customer. They can leave negative reviews online, which can scare away other potential customers.

Why Do Bad Deliveries Happen?

It can take just one individual having a bad day to spur a negative delivery experience. However, there other industry trends that are currently even more stressful on the final mile delivery services process.

The ongoing driver shortage and capacity crunch, in particular, are stretching the freight environment thin. To that note, many carriers are now cherry-picking the shipments and shippers they will handle. Many carriers are looking to only handle freight that requires as little effort and time on the driver’s part as possible.

When it comes to final mile delivery and white glove delivery, time and effort can be considerable. More customers are looking for delivery beyond the threshold than ever. From residential delivery to room-of-choice and debris removal, the delivery process can be tedious, which makes it unfavorable to many carriers. But just because many service providers don’t want to handle these types of moves doesn’t mean the demand will go away.

A Consolidated Solution For The Final Mile

Every consumer market has its own unique challenges and unique final mile delivery service providers. While there are several final mile companies that will say they offer rock-solid service in every market, that rarely turns out to be the case. Additionally, the challenges with capacity are spread across the board throughout the United States. To overcome this challenge, always keep the strengths of your service providers in mind on a market-by-market basis.

Don’t Stretch Your Final Mile Strategy Thin

Relying on one carrier to handle your entire final mile delivery needs can be risky. Their capacity can vary by market, and so can their on-time performance. Always have a backup service provider available to step in when delivery challenges arise.

The Customer Is The Number One Priority

The demands of final mile delivery is changing every year. Driving that change is the consumer. People want to have options, flexibility and respect of their time. Meeting their expectations requires staying on top of your carriers and constantly monitoring their performance. When one bad delivery starts to turn into several bad deliveries, it’s time to make a change.

Keeping these tips in mind when building out your final mile strategy can do more than just alleviate logistical challenges. They will help keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Dickerson Transportation Solutions has spent years developing the nation’s fastest growing and most reliable final mile and white glove delivery network. Much like a less-than-truckload broker, the DTS Final Mile Solution is dedicated to helping shippers succeed where it counts—with their customers. With access to carefully-vetted and monitored final mile service providers, DTS offers shippers the capacity and flexible service options they need across the United States.

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